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No Impact Man af Colin Beavan

No Impact Man

Sprog: Dansk

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Publikationer: 9/2016
ISBN: 3425885493990
Sider: 214
Dimensioner: 1.3 mb
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In the growing debate over eco-friendly living it seems that everything is as bad as everything else. Do you do more harm by living in the country or the city? Is it better to drive a thousand miles or take an airplane? In NO IMPACT MAN Colin Beavan tells the extraordinary story of his attempt to find some answers – by living for one year in New York City (with his wife and young daughter) without leaving any net impact on the environment. His family cut out all driving and flying used no air conditioning no television no toilets. . .They went from making a few concessions to becoming eco-extremists. The goal? To determine what works and what doesn’t and to fashion a truly ‘eco-effective’ way of life. Beavan’s radical experiment makes for an unforgettable and humorous memoir in an attempt to answer perhaps the most important question of all: What is the sufficient individual effort that it would take to save the planet? And what is stopping us?

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