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Autograph Man af Zadie Smith

Autograph Man

Sprog: Dansk

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Publikationer: 5/2016
ISBN: 393049332323
Sider: 211
Dimensioner: 1.4 mb
Læse Online:1005
Hent bøger:1110

The Autograph Man is Zadie Smith’s whirlwind tour of celebrity and our fame-obsessed times. Following one Alex-Li Tandem – a twenty-something Chinese-Jewish autograph dealer turned on by sex drugs and organised religion – it takes in London and New York love and death fathers and sons as Alex tries to discover how a piece of paper can bring him closer to his heart’s desire. Exposing our misconceptions about our idols – about ourselves – Zadie Smith delivers a brilliant unforgettable tale about who we are and what we really want to be.’A glorious concoction written by our most beguiling and original prose-wizard’ Independent on Sunday ‘A brilliant comedy with a tantalising throb of mystic philosophy underneath’ Philip Hensher Books of the Year Spectator’A pleasure from the first page to the last’ Evening Standard’Intellectually agile … ecstatic inventiveness’ Time’A classic’ Spectator ‘Genuinely funny and entertaining’ Guardian’Vibrant highly imaginative’ Jewish Chronicle’Full of irony humour the search for love and the fear of death . . . a touching thoughtful deeply felt rite-of-passage novel’ Sunday Telegraph

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